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The Grid - Public Docs
These docs provide information about the Grids API.
We are currently in early Alpha with a focus on the Solana Ecosystem.
Note that images / logos now work, but we are filling them up.
If there are any questions, we can be reached via

Powering Discoverability of Assets, Products and Services in Web3.
We appreciate the wild west of crypto as much as the next person, but without a common standard or single entry point, data about the ecosystem quickly becomes out-of-date and irrelevant.
The Grid validates and maintains Metadata, providing it to other data platforms. We do this in three steps:
We collect data from our team’s research, web scrapers and projects themselves.
We use LLMs to enrich the data.
Our human teams validate the data.
We aim to continuously maintain the data as DEXs, wallets, compliance tools, data platforms, aggregators, ecosystem pages, block explorers and more can all use our API.
We write once, you read everywhere.
The path to a public good:
The Grid was born out of frustration while building data companies. Every single data UI and application in the blockchain ecosystem requires high quality information about assets, products and services.
Yet no one has conquered this Gordian knot.
So we decided to build a flexible data standard, and a system designed for validating data at scale.
While this is currently a centralized operation, we ultimately want our data to be governed by the projects and platforms that rely upon it.
To explore that, check out
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